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Powerful Management Portal on your PC

We provide more than payment solutions

As an industry-leading Fintech company, GlobePay aims to provide the most convenient payment service to merchants.

Developing by GlobePay’s experienced Tech team, our management portal is ready for our merchants to further monitor their business and expore new functions.


Remote Sales QR Codes

It is a value-added service that helps merchants to increase sales growth. Merchants are available to create independent QR code for each sales individual.

Most importantly, payments can be made globally through sales QR codes and will go into merchant’s settlement bank account.

Product Management

By creating product payment QR codes, merchants can manage products directly.

By adding product details, customers are available to scan and pay for the product directly.

User Management

Managing all users who have access to your merchant account. 

Adding different accessibility to each user and editing user’s information including name, email, and mobile number.

Once binding Wechat account, the user can choose to receive notices from GlobePay on Wechat.

Pre-authorised Order

A pre-authorised order is an order where payment will remain in the account balance. This will make sure merchants have enough balance to make refunds and are suitable for collecting deposits from customers. Merchants are available to set it on our APP.

Management Portal, Powerful Management Portal on your PC, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChatpay


Customer Analysis: Show daily customer numbers and transaction amount per customer.

Transaction Analysis: Show daily amount and daily transaction number changes over a selected period.

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