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We believe that the best digital technology, bespoke marketing solutions and data analysis are essential to your business’ success.

The WeChat Official Account is a multi-functional platform for merchants to interact with their customers and followers. A verified WeChat Official Account is one of the best ways for businesses to increase their brand awareness, generate higher conversion rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

What We Offer

  • Registration services
  • Verification services
  • Customised operation services
  • Copyright and data protection
  • Competitive pricing strategies
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WeChat Advertising is a service that enables businesses to display promotional messages on their users’ timelines or at the bottom of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat Ads helps brands to increase their WeChat Official Account followers, drive traffic to their website and increase their app downloads.

What We offer  

  • Personalised and professional advertising design services
  • Targeted marketing based on business characteristics
  • Detailed ad-browsing analysis reports
  • Reviewed data indicators, including: costs, exposure, click count, interaction, conversion and dissemination
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AliPay Discovery is an AliPay in-app trip advisor platform which helps overseas Chinese consumers to choose, interact with and meet local merchants. The AliPay Discovery platform-listing service is available to all merchants who sign up to AliPay, and enables them to increase their website traffic by posting about recent events and coupons.

What we offer

  • Free listing service
  • Merchant information page design
  • Push notifications
  • LBS recommendations
  • Coupon designs and publishing 
  • Promotion notice designs and publishing 
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, Promotion Services, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChatpay

Our WeChat mini-programs are ‘sub-applications’ within the WeChat ecosystem. They enable companies to better provide e-commerce and services through WeChat.

What we offer

  • WeChat mini-program development services
  • Fully-functional mini-programs with optimised usability and user experiences
  • Efficient IT support 
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Why choose us ?


WeChat pay and Alipay facilitate more than 90% of all Chinese digital transactions. Utilising advertisements on these platforms is a must for businesses seeking to attract new Chinese consumers. We provide promotional opportunities for your business on these popular apps, so you don’t have to worry.

Better Engagement

Build social CRM and loyalty programs. Run marketing eye-catching marketing campaigns and connect with your customers. Increase user loyalty with our advertised coupons and membership cards.

Easy Integration

We provide diverse cross-border payment options including QR Codes and API integration for websites. GlobePay terminals will instantly launch your business into the Chinese market.


Your data protection is our priority. To achieve full-proof security, data is encrypted by SSL transfer. We also have strict protocol to combat data being leaked through transmission.

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