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Accept Cross-border Payments with UnionPay

UnionPay payment, the largest card network in China, is expanding more every day to become one of the largest cardholders in the world now.

It is no longer only for Chinese customers but for all clients around the world. In 2019, UnionPay had already taken the biggest market share of card payments (45%).

The reason behind this is that debit cards, which were normally used for cash withdrawals, are increasingly being used for everyday payments. But also the expansion of UnionPay internationally and the rise of cross-border e-commerce.

Statistics about UnionPay payment overseas: 

  • In 2022, more than 20 million online stores outside of China accept UnionPay online payments, covering more than 200 countries and regions including the UK.

  • Its card acceptance coverage in the UK was 70% in 2021.

  • Its online transaction volume has seen an increase of nearly 15% year-on-year.

  • The number of merchants accepting UnionPay’s QR code payment has doubled.

  • Merchants accepting UnionPay payments are from diverse industries such as retail, food, tourism, online travel booking, education, and so on.


How do UnionPay payments work if you integrate It from GlobePay?

  • Payment via card number:

UnionPay cardholders can complete their payments by typing their card details (Card number, PIN code) on the payment page. They will then receive a code via SMS to confirm their payment.


  • Payment via QR code:

Like Alipay and WeChat Pay, UnionPay also provides QR code payments. UnionPay provides payment solutions adapted for shopping, transfer and withdrawal. In order to pay via QR code, the merchant can create a Unionpay QR code in GlobePay mobile app and share it to customers.

Integrate UnionPay in e-commerce: 

By adding UnionPay payment option to your e-store, you can accept payments from your customers from 200 countries and regions without having to open a physical store in these countries.

  • No maintenance fees and no hidden fees.

  • You can request a QR code payment by integrating Globepay API.

  • Benefit from a complete back office to manage your transactions and refunds.

  • Get access to permanent assistance and a useful knowledge base to help you with your UnionPay integration

  • Our pricing is based on transaction volume and industry, with no maintenance fees.

UnionPay understood that easy, smart and fast payments are what international customers are looking for. Thus, it is gaining new customers every day and expanding its customer base to billions of clients internationally. Adding UnionPay to your payment options is the right thing to do. Whether you have an online store or your business operates without a Website, UnionPay payments can be easily accepted.

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