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AlipayPlus: The unique solution to accept all major e-wallets in Asia

AlipayPlus is a payment solution that enables merchants to better serve their customers globally. By integrating this payment solution, our merchants can automatically accept the most popular e-wallets in Asia-Pacific region.

Some numbers about Alipay+

Access 2 billion Asian consumers

Moreover, Alipay+ enables merchants to conquer the Asia-Pacific market and increase revenue by accessing a base of 2 billion mobile payment users in 10 countries and regions including Alipay and Alipay Hong Kong users. Alipay+ offers optimized payment options based on consumer preferences.

E-commerce payments

In 2021, mobile payment was the most used payment method in e-commerce in the world with 49% market share. Surprisingly, this percentage is estimated to reach 53% in 2025, still keeping the first position.

In-store payments

Besides, E-wallets have also been placed in 1st position to be the most used payment method in stores in 2021.

In 2025, estimates predict a utilization rate of 39%.

Cross-border e-commerce in the palm of your hands

Firstly, your Asian customers can buy your products and services all over the world without leaving their countries. Cross-border online transactions have become easier than ever. Advantageous exchange rates, platforms that allow you to reach your international customers, marketing services that increase your visibility in Asia and payment methods to integrate easily to allow them to pay without restrictions.

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Boost sales in your physical store

Secondly, your customers no longer need to wait in the long queques. Reduce checkout wait times by at least 30% by displaying the Alipay+ QR code on your checkout. Making payment via Alipay+ in store just by one single scaning.

Either the customer scans the merchant’s QR code, or the merchants scans the customer’s QR code. Both customers and merchants receive the confirmation about payments.

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Access Alipay’s marketing services

Last but not least, Lucky draws, Flash offers, Invite & Win, Payment Rewards, coupons and promotions etc. Alipay+ marketing services help merchants complete their first transactions and acquire new customers. Promote your products and services to Asian customers and quadruple your sales.

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Benefits of Alipay+ gateway from GlobePay

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