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GlobePay Trademark Usage Terms

Last updated: Oct 2023


GlobePay recognises that our valued merchants, partners, vendors, and other stakeholders (“You”) often wish to acknowledge their association with our organisation and utilise our name or logo for this purpose. These “Trademark Usage Terms” aim to provide clear guidelines on how such usage may be undertaken.


Certain uses of our Trademarks may necessitate an explicit licence, and in such instances, the terms of that licence shall govern. Alternatively, some uses of our Trademarks may be subject to separate agreements or terms, and those agreements shall prevail. These Trademark Usage Terms are designed to encompass all other instances of Trademark usage not covered by specific licences or agreements.

General Provisions

Before delving into the specifics, let us define the scope of this document. The collective term “Trademarks” or the singular “Trademark” encompasses our names, logos, icons, design elements, trade dress, and any other identifiers (whether registered or unregistered) employed to distinguish our goods or services. While we possess numerous trademarks, we have provided a select few examples:

● Our GlobePay word trademark;

● Our GlobePay stylised trademark:


● Our GlobePay logo:


These examples are not exhaustive, and should you wish to utilise other GlobePay Trademarks not listed above, please contact us at for further guidance.

Ownership and Value

Our Trademarks are invaluable assets. By adhering to these Trademark Usage Terms and utilising our Trademarks, you acknowledge our exclusive ownership of these Trademarks. You commit not to impede our rights concerning the Trademarks, including challenging our use, registration, or application for registration. Furthermore, you recognise that the goodwill derived from your Trademark usage accrues to our benefit and remains our property.

Usage Limitations

The permission granted for using our Trademarks is subject to several limitations:

● You may solely employ our Trademarks as explicitly allowed within these Trademark Usage Terms.

● The permission we grant is non-exclusive (meaning it can be extended to others) and non-transferable (meaning it cannot be transferred).

● We reserve the right to update these Trademark Usage Terms, and you must adapt your usage of the Trademarks accordingly within a reasonable timeframe following notification of any changes.

● We may review your usage of our Trademarks on your website and request modifications if necessary to ensure compliance with these Trademark Usage Terms.

● We retain the discretion to terminate your permission to use our Trademarks at any time. Upon termination, you agree to promptly cease all Trademark usage, which includes the removal of Trademarks from websites or applications.

Usage Guidelines

In essence, you may use our Trademarks to truthfully convey information about your goods or services, provided that such usage does not imply our endorsement of your goods or services or cause consumer confusion. To provide practical clarity, we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of permissible and non-permissible actions:


● Use our Trademarks exclusively within the section of your website or application directly related to our services, such as on a checkout page employing our payment processing services.

● Use our GlobePay word trademark without any alterations in text to accurately and truthfully refer to us or our goods and services.


● Utilise our Trademarks beyond the scope described in these Trademark Usage Terms or as otherwise agreed in writing.

● Modify or alter our Trademarks in any manner. For instance, do not abbreviate or shorten any Trademarks, as many of them are inherently brief. Similarly, refrain from using Trademarks in plural, possessive, foreign-language translations, or in any modified form.

● Misrepresent your relationship with us or employ our Trademarks in any misleading manner that implies our endorsement or sponsorship of your goods or services, or those of any other entity.

● Feature our Trademarks more prominently than your own or any other Trademarks.

● Employ our Trademarks in contexts unrelated to us or our goods and services.

● Use our Trademarks on tangible merchandise, including promotional materials, marketing collateral, or other physical items.

● Place any elements in such close proximity to our Trademarks that a new trademark with a distinct commercial impression is created.

● Incorporate any of our Trademarks into your own trademark, service trademark, trade dress, trade name, website name, domain name, corporate name, social media handle, or any other source-identifying use. Likewise, do not use any trademark, service trademark, trade dress, trade name, website name, domain name, corporate name, social media handle, or any other source-identifying use that is likely to be confused with any of our Trademarks.

● Use our Trademarks to portray GlobePay or our goods and services in a disparaging or derogatory light, or in any manner that may harm our brand or our interests in the Trademarks.

● Apply a ™ or ® symbol alongside our Trademarks.

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