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WeChat H5 payment solutions make cross-border payment collection easier

As a representative of new payment methods, H5 payment is attracting more and more merchants with its convenience and efficiency. This article will take you to a deeper understanding of H5 payment, and explore its development background, access methods and advantages for UK cross-border settlement merchants.

WeChat H5 Payment

H5 Mall is a virtual in the WeChat official account. Compared with the shopping sub-app mall in the WeChat system, it has the same construction process and system. Generally speaking, H5 Mall is WeChat official mall. H5 payment is a mobile payment solution based on HTML5 technology.

It does not require downloading and installing any APP. Users only need to visit the H5 page provided by the merchant through the browser to complete the payment operation. When the merchant displays its products or services on a mobile web page other than the WeChat client, if the user decides to choose WeChat payment to complete the transaction, the merchant will start this service and guide the user to call up the WeChat client, to smoothly carry out the payment process.

This payment method not only simplifies the payment process but also reduces the operating costs of merchants, bringing users a more convenient payment experience.

The Differences between H5 Payments and APP Payments

APP payment is mainly applicable to scenarios where payment functions are integrated into mobile apps. After users download and install the merchant’s APP, they can complete the payment process directly in the APP without jumping to other applications or web pages. H5 payment applies to scenarios where payments are on mobile web pages (such as touch-screen mobile browsers). Users can open the merchant’s H5 page in applications such as WeChat and browsers and complete payment operations on the page.

What Merchants Should Have H5 Payment

H5 payment has wide applicability, covering almost all types of merchants. Whether it is an online mall, e-commerce platform, offline physical store, catering and entertainment, etc., as long as there is a stable network environment, H5 payment can be connected.
Especially for British cross-border settlement merchants, H5 payment undoubtedly provides them with an efficient and convenient payment solution. H5 Mall put on the shelves without approval, and its service scope is much wider than that of Mini Programs! For overseas companies whose services are restricted by Mini Program Mall, H5 Mall is limitless. Overseas Mini Programs can provide 12 types of services, including express postal services, education, tourism and transportation, life services, catering, tourism, tools, business services, sports, automobiles, e-commerce platforms, and self-operated businesses.

Advantages of Integrating H5 Payment for UK Merchants

1. Improve user experience

H5 payment does not require downloading and installing the APP. Users can complete payment through the browser, which simplifies the payment process and improves user experience.

2. Broaden Payment Channels

GlobePay helps your WeChat H5 payment access the cross-border WeChat payment channel. Customers pay in RMB, and we settle in pounds to your British company bank account.

3. Reduce operating costs

Compared with traditional payment methods, H5 payment does not require a large amount of money to develop an APP, and later maintenance and updates are also relatively easy. No client update is required, only the website needs to be updated, and it is also compatible with the installation packages of both Apple and Android platforms.

4. Reduce promotion costs

H5 promotion only requires a link or QR code for promotion. Merchants can directly promote and send them in places such as Moments, which is conducive to expanding the traffic circle and reducing promotion costs.

5. Promote cross-border trade

For British cross-border settlement merchants, H5 payment can break geographical restrictions, realize global payment settlement, and promote the development of cross-border trade.

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