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All In One Payment Platform

Industry leading FinTech company that specialises in alternative payment solutions in both online and offline payment for Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay QR Payment.
Focuses on the development and enhancement of payment technology, specialising in cross-border POS, online and mobile payment solutions.
Globepay’s main focus is to bridge the gap between UK businesses and over 1 billion Chinese consumers via our integrated WeChat Pay and Alipay solutions.
We are your perfect partner to tap into this market. We will quickly and easily get you up and running with a range of payment mechanisms. Whether your transaction are online, face-to-face or remote, we will help you achieve your sales goals at a price that suits you!

What Are WeChat Pay And Alipay?

WeChat Pay and Alipay are China’s most dominant e-wallet and trusted payment options. WeChat Pay is a payment function of popular social media platform, WeChat. In 2019, WeChat had more than 1.1 billion active users, while Alipay reached 1 billion. Together they account for over 90% of China’s mobile payments. This means almost every Chinese consumer will be able to (and greatly appreciate) being able to pay with familiar systems like WeChat Pay and Alipay.
Given the universal adoption of WeChat Pay and Alipay in China, you are bound to attract a greater share of this hugely important China market if you offer these payment solutions. 

Our Payment Solutions

Merchant QR Code

Get a unique QR code and QR code stand. Customers simply make a payment by scanning the QR code using Alipay or WeChat Pay. This method is also compatible with payments made online, in physical stores, through media advertisements, and many other options. 

  • Fast Checkout
  • Fully Portable
  • No Power Needed
  • No Training required
  • Quick Installation

Pay By Link

The Bill Link feature in GlobePay’s app and online portal enables you to collect payments in a more flexible way. Merchant can enter the amount and generate a link or unique QR code which can be sent to customer via email or social media. The customer can make the payment by simply clicking the link or scanning the QR code.

  • Get paid remotely

  • Customer can pay from anywhere

  • Send via text or email
  • Fast and secure payments
  • Easy to set up and start using

Smart POS Terminal

, Payment Services, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChatpay

GlobePay simplifies and optimises your POS payments. Our Smart POS is compatible with both WeChat Pay and Alipay. The cashier enters the payment amount on the POS machine and then scans the customer’s WeChat or AliPay QR code using their mobile device to complete the payment.

  • 5.5-inch touchscreen display 

  • Competitive fees
  • Supports both WeChat and AliPay
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Built-in audio for rich media advertising
  • 48 hours of battery life with active use

  • Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G
  • Monitors all orders in real-time

Online API + Plugins

GlobePay API is an easy and customisable way to initiate and authorise online payments. You can use integrate our API to accept e-wallet and card payments via online checkout, in-app checkout and inside WeChat Mini Programmes. Click here to see our API.

  • Supports QR code payments on desktops, mobile devices and merchants’ own applications.
  • Social media marketing opportunities that increase brand awareness, have higher conversion rates, and provide greater customer satisfaction.
  • Optimises the checkout experience for your users.
  • Easy development and integration into the merchant’s in-house IT infrastructure.

 Online Portal

The powerful management portal enables you to explore intuitive graphs, illustrating transaction behaviours of your clients and your business as a whole.
Analyse your data using filters and receiving comprehensive statistics. See and download all your transaction and settlement details, easily monitor your revenues and transactions.

  • Support downloading reports in formats such as Excel/CSV

  • Manage account users, modify user roles
  • Analyze customer and transaction data

  • Online customs declaration
  • Initiate a refund

Mobile App

, Payment Services, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChatpay

GlobePay’s free app is available in both the iOS and Android store. Our app is among the best in the market for receiving payment from Chinese clients, tracking sales, and managing account for businesses of all sizes.
Merchants can also access their business information, account information, settlement reports and receive data analysis on the go.

  • Manage your account and sales wherever you are

  • Track online account activity on your mobile device
  • Access customer information quickly and securely

  • Support multiple payment methods and remote payment collection
  • See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance

  • Make easy settlements and monitor all transaction data in real-time
  • Experience easy and efficient marketing capabilities

  • Receive intelligent analysis of consumer data

GlobePay’s Merchant Platform

, Payment Services, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChatpay
Business Intelligence Module

Discover our powerful dashboard where you can explore intuitive graphs illustrating transaction behaviours of your clients and your business as a whole.

Advanced Statistics

Analyse your data using filters and receive comprehensive statistics. See all your transactions types including chargebacks and refunds.

Reconciliation & Accounting Module

Straightforward and thorough invoices and statements. Easily monitor your revenues, fees and withheld amounts. We make reconciliation effortless, so you and your team can focus your efforts on generating more revenue.

Why choose us?

Fraud Protection

We’re compatible with AliPay and WeChat Pay’s encrypted payment channels and have no chargeback risks.

Lower Rate

Enjoy savings up to 40% compared with international credit card rates. Saving is earning.

Faster Checkout

Improve your customer experience by allowing shoppers to simply scan and go. Payments are completed within three seconds.

Large User Base

Alipay & WeChat Pay have 1.17 billion active users, covering about 93% of the Chinese mobile payment market.

What happens once you complete the application form?

You can apply as either a merchant or an agent through our website or our WeChat Official Account. You only require one application in order to use both WeChat Pay and Alipay

1. Fill in an application form

You will need to verify your email address and provide the necessary information about your business.

2. Submit Compliance Documents

After your information has been verified, your application will be approved. Your unique login details on the GlobePay system will be sent to you via email.

3. Merchant Approval

You can manage your account via the merchant dashboard and download your QR code for payment collections.

4. Promotion Materials Delivered

We provide free materials for merchants to promote WeChat Pay and Alipay, including posters, stickers and stands that can be placed on a cashier desk.

Reach out to us

We’re here to help whenever you need. Feel free to look around or contact us directly.

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