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WeChat Go


WeChat is more than just a chat app. Now, WeChat can help you on your travels around Europe! WeChat and the Netherlands Royal Communications Group (KPN) launched WeChat Go “Europe Experience” Mini Program in late March 2017.

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Products and services

WeChat Go has several modern products for marketers to connect with Chinese customers and grow faster. Its products and service involve hotels, attractions, insurance, airline, and communications.

1. Mini Programs

WeChat Go powerful tool lets you design, develop and maintain WeChat Mini Programs from scratch. No coding required. Use drag & drop, lets you create and launch Mini Program pages in minutes. WeChat Go brand material feature makes it easy to find all assets quickly. Moreover, Mini Programs can also allow merchant searching and editing product fast, reliable.

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2. Payment

WeChat Go offers reliable Chinese payment solutions, converts more visitors into paying customers. WeChat Go also gives Chinese customers the experience they want, provides them the payment methods they familiar with. “WeGo EU has brought us much-needed simplicity to our Chinese payment platform. We’ve seen 15% revenue growth”. —Andrew Clinton

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3. Advertising

WeChat Go keeps you visible on the digital channels that your Chinese customers love. So, you attract only the right Chinese audience. WeChat Go also has Chinese marketing experts in house ready to work on your campaigns. Moreover, WeChat Go collects quantitative and qualitative data on your behalf. they uncover the insights needed to improve performance and present the suggestions to you, then help you raise customer awareness.

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WeChat Go—A new and better way to engage Chinese customers.

  1. WeChat Go is a complete ecosystem. Leverage the full array of WeChat feature’s including Coupons, WeChat Pay, Official Accounts, etc. Covering every aspect of people’s lives, helping partners achieve better performance and providing excellent experiences for tourists.
  2. Connect with WeChat’s 846 million monthly active users. Merchants can discover more potential business opportunities and customers.
  3. WeChat go is also an advertising platform, WeChat has a strong brand influence, WeChat Go can revitalize your brand by announcing innovative offerings in partnership with WeChat.
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