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Brief Introduction of Different Types of WeChat Official Accounts

Our previous blogs have introduced the benefits of using WeChat Official Accounts for your business. Today, we will tell you about two types of special WeChat Official Accounts designed for business use: Subscription Account and Service Account.

WeChat Subscription Account

In China, celebrities or small individual businesses use Subscription Accounts to post content to their subscribed users. With a WeChat Subscription Account, you can send a mass broadcast once per day. And within each broadcast, you can post 6 full articles. Because WeChat Moments, the equivalent to Facebooks Feed, follow a chronological order, you want to have more articles posted for better discovery. However, a message from a Subscription Account does not show up on the top of a user’s screen (a message from a Service Account does!) Besides, Subscription Accounts are not available to non-Chinese merchants.

WeChat Service Account

WeChat Service Accounts are more popular to merchants of different sizes, from small-medium businesses to large corporations. With a verified WeChat Service Account, not only merchants can post articles, but also they have access to many more sales and service-oriented functions including Custom Menus, Mini Programs, WeChat API, and WeChat Pay. In addition, as I mentioned before, a Service Account allows merchants to reach directly to users’ personal contacts inbox. To avoid information overload, WeChat allows 4 broadcasts per month. Thus, merchants have to choose their contents wisely. Service Accounts are currently available to foreign merchants.


Let’s see how Subscription Accounts are compared to Service Account:

In conclusion, if you want to push as much content as possible to your followers, choose Subscription Account. If you are a foreign merchant and demand sales and services functions, then WeChat Service Account is for you

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