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How will Alipay Discover Platform Boost Your Business?

What is Alipay:

Alipay is a must-have App for Chinese users’ daily life as a super- combined app, which covers diversified and wide functions from shopping to find a nice restaurant.

There are four main categories functions of Alipay.

  • Financial services including Ant loan and Yu’E Bao
  • Social platforms: Love pay, friends contact
  • The third service (Merchant resources): restaurants, Traveling shopping
  • Daily service: Mobile top-up, money transfer, transports…

What is Alipay Discover platform?

Discover is an Alipay in-app platform that helps Outbound Chinese connect, interact and meet with merchants in the UK.

How Alipay Discover Work for Merchants

70% of Chinese outbound tourists are Alipay users. Especially, Alipay users in Tier 1-3 cities are the main Chinese outbound tourists. Thus, for UK merchants, Alipay’s users can be their potential consumers. Millions of Chinese tourists plan to visit the UK and the tourist number increases dramatically during past two decades. Alipay now offers a wide and useful tools for merchants to attract Chinese consumers, a good example is the coupon in the Alipay discover platform, the customer conversion rate reach 52%! What’s more, as Alipay is a part of Alibaba Data Ecosystem, Alipay can achieve more precise marketing through big data.

, How will Alipay Discover Platform Boost Your Business?, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay

What’s more, merchants who sign up for Alipay can get more exposure via Alipay Discover and approach new customers more effectively. Thanks to Alipay’s location based service(LBS), consumers can get push notifications and nearby recommendations in their app. Which will also benefit the merchants because more consumers come to the offline store with a certain consuming purpose.

Traceable data from backstage.

These data including three types of data:

  • Coupon performance:

Merchants can monitor detailed and historical data on past business, which will let the operator know if they increase or decrease on sales compared with last month or a certain period.

Merchant also know how coupon performed from the backstage. Accurate and professional statistic data will show the sales trend of certain products so that the service provider will decide their next market strategy and improve their marketing method based on these data.

, How will Alipay Discover Platform Boost Your Business?, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay
  • Promotion notice performance

In this category, merchants can monitor how the promotion works, how many times users click the link and what impression that users have

  • Customer analysis

Based on data backstage provide, it provides merchants detailed and legible information with attractive figures, such as gender percentage, consumer’s age allocation, membership grade and so on.

, How will Alipay Discover Platform Boost Your Business?, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay

Coupon is always a significant tool to attract consumers and improve sales. So it’s very essential to understand what usage scenarios are and what’s the process of it. So Alipay discovery can be a fabulous and targeted platform to absorb consumers.

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