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How to operate a WeChat store in WeChat Official Account?

  1. What is WeChat Official Account?

WeChat official account is one of the main functions of WeChat platform. As a new mass media, WeChat official account is preferred by users for its low operating cost, simple instructions for users, 1 billion monthly active users. It is a useful and effective tool for companies or individuals to build a social relationship with consumers.

  1. What is H5 mall?

H5 mall is the virtual mall that embedded in WeChat Official account. It has the same build procedure and system, comparing with Mini-Program mall which is the shopping sub-applications inside the WeChat system as well. Generally speaking, H5 mall is the WeChat official mall.

  1. Why we choose H5 mall? 
  • Less limitation than Mini-Programs
  • in H5 mall can hit store shelves without approval, so the service range is much wider than that of Mini-Programs! Overseas enterprises limited by service in Mini-Program mall are not limited in H5 mall. The overseas Mini-Program can offer 12 kinds of services, including delivery and postal service, education, travel and transportation, life service, catering, tourism, tools, business service, sports, automobile, e-commerce platform, self-supporting business, etc. Take the self-supporting businesses as an example. The wine and food services under the category are only available in Japan for the time being. That means British businesses are not allowed to sell wine and food on small programs. In addition, the service range of other categories is also slightly adjusted. Mother and baby products, medical treatments, books, food, health care products, wine, salt, adult products and other products can’t be available in the Mini-Program mall.

 In short, H5 mall is more like an open version of Mini-Program mall.

  • Multiple payment methods.
  • mall’s payment method number is as much as Mini-Program’s payment method. Consumers can make payments by WeChat payment, Alipay, UnionPay and so on. The payment options are enough for consumers to choose from.
  1. How Globepay help you operate the H5 mall on WeChat Platform?
  • Globepay is far ahead in the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. It has a professional technical team, rich experience in H5 mall construction and many successful cases. Globepay will help you to personalize the mall according to your own needs.
  • Globepay can provide more services excluding building H5 mall. Globepay can help you apply, certify the overseas official WeChat account and Mini-Program 
  • Globepay is the official partner of WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay. Globepay has the privilege to directly connect with Tencent staff. So Globepay can follow Tencent’s latest policy and rule adjustment and help you to take measures in time.
  1. How to operate an H5 mall WeChat mall:

1) Register a WeChat Official Account.
Step 1: fulfill the application form:
Provide required information to Globepay, and Globepay will help you create your own overseas WeChat Official Account.
Step 2: Prepare documents
Prepare all documents that are needed. Globepay will sort of all documents.
Step 3: Submit the application
After receiving your documents, Globepay will have a check. Then, documents and application form will be submitted to Tencent.
Step 4: Submission
All application finished, Globepay will inform you as soon as it receives the information from Tencent.

After getting a WeChat Official account, next steps are:

2) Find the “WeChat Mall” from “Expansion Function” on the homepage, then set parameters of the cover.

3) Check and set up the “Commodity Management”, “Order Management”, “Consumers Management” and others.

4) Track the Backstage data after WeChat Official Mall starts running.
The statistics including revenue data, orders and transaction data analysis, customer repurchase rate will assist merchants to make different decisions.

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