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Focus on Online Platform to Prepare for Post-Coronavirus Recovery

As the coronavirus outbreak subsides and stores can re-open in the recent future, it’s the right time to prepare a blueprint for recovery to capture your customer’s attention and revive your brand.

Although there are many uncertainties and unknowns in the future, each company should fully understand how coronavirus has changed the world and its business and prepare itself for the post-lockdown recovery.

Digital transformation has been a hot topic in recent years and the lockdown policy accelerates the change through transforming customer behaviours and consumption concepts. We can predict that there will be a persistent increase in e-commerce penetration in all sectors across the world. A new survey conducted by Mckinsey finds that about three-quarters of apparel executives are planning to improve their online integration at their stores. The digital trend gives us the hint that companies should increase their competitive edge taking advantage of the online platform.

In addition to considering precautionary measures to promote customer and employee safety when reopening your store, another vital preparation should be the implementation of the enhancement of online platform. And here are two effective methods for you to promote e-commerce business.

  1. Enrich online payment methods especially for increasing Chinese customers

Nowadays, people are used to paying with their mobile phones instead of bank cards or cash.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are two main online payment platforms for Chinese people and both have been expanded to UK recently. If you have lots of Chinese customers currently or considering to expand to Chinese market, then these two platforms should definitely be your first choice. Adding Alipay and WeChat pay to your payment solutions will provide your customers with a fast and easy way to pay and improve their user experience, thus promoting brand awareness and loyalty.

, Focus on Online Platform to Prepare for Post-Coronavirus Recovery, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay
  1. Increase online sales channels by developing an e-commerce platform: mini-program

Mini-programs are mini-applications that embedded within APPs like WeChat mini-program and Alipay mini-program. They have explored in China since 2018 and benefited e-commerce and games a lot. Mini-programs allow merchants to build online ecosystem and users to enjoy most functions of an APP without downloading it. Compared with applications, mini-programs have similar core functions but require lower cost.

If you’re interested in Alipay and WeChat Pay, we would love to understand your needs and look at how we can help you to create business success in the future. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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