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New GlobePay Merchant To-Do List

So you made an application with GlobePay…what’s next?


Just by enabling Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay, you will be 10 steps ahead of your competition!

Cadbury the puppy is super proud of you and your business decisions!

So what’s next? A simple to do list for new GlobePay Merchants:

Submit Your Compliance Documents

Send over your complaince documents early to speed up the onboarding process. Once you’ve submitted your application. You will be prompted by email to send us your compliance documents.

Quick tip: get these documents ready before or straight after you submit your application, so we can review all your information in one go and approve your Merchant Account in one day.

You will need:

Business Bank Account Statement from the last 3 Months


Drivers Licence, Utility Bill, Peronal Bank Statement or Council Tax Bill

Double-check Your Business Bank Account Information

You can always change your details on our Merchant Platform or contact us to change them for you. But it is best to make sure you haven’t made a typo while submitting your information. Contact us via if you send the wrong information or have a change of situation.

Note: we will directly deposit your settlements into your business bank account, so there is no need to sign in to withdraw funds from our online platform.

Make a Note of Our Settlement Schedule

Our cross-border settlements take T+2 days to arrive in your account. This means the transaction day plus two days. We automatically deduct your settlement fee and send your money to your business bank account. So there is no need for you to login and withdraw your funds.

For example, if your customer buys a sandwich on Monday, you will receive your payment in your business bank account on Wednesday at the earliest. However, settlements can only go ahead when your transaction amount goes over £100. Otherwise, we will have to wait until you go over £100 to send the settlement.

Download our Free App

Yes, you read that right. Our app is completely free! Many of our customers find the Scan function the most convenient: scan your customer’s QR code and receive payment using your mobile camera. You can also download your Merchant QR code and send it to your customer via email or Wechat to receive payments.

Click here to download our app from the Apple App Store.

Click here to download our app from the Android Play Store.

Ask Questions About our App, Merchant Platform or Fees.

We are always available via email or website chat to answer any questions. We want to help businesses grow with our payment solution the best we can. Did you know we offer our clients 24/7 technical support? Make use of our promise and contact us via

  • Email:
  • Phone:0208 2265115
  • Wechat: Globepay-service
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