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Managing your business by using one APP

Technology is Everything

One reason makes GlobePay stands out in the financial service industry is: We use technology as a powerful tool.

Based on that, our experienced Tech team developed one APP to enable merchants manage their business better!

Payments Collecting


This function enables merchants to collect payments by scanning the customers’ payment QR codes.

Bill Code

Inputting an amount in GBP/CNY and generating a QR code. Then this code is available to share with customers by merchants to make a payment.

QR Code

Every merchant of GlobePay has a fixed QR Payment Code. And our merchants are available to find this code in our app and save it to the album.


Merchants can view the settlement amount and surcharge fees here. Moreover, click “Filter” to specify the data by time and sub-merchant.

Checking the graphical trend analysis of your customers and transaction amount. Furthermore, tap ‘ALL ‘ to change to view the data of a sub-merchant account.



By turning into this page, merchants can receive all the notifications sent from Globepay, this includes:
Settlement delay notifications
Payment service-related knowledge
Technical updates, etc


Merchant Information

Find Merchant ID, company information, and contact details on this page.

Fees and Settlement

Understand the settlement cycle, surcharge rate of different channels, and valid periods.

Please note that GlobePay offers T+2 settlement circle. It means the settlement for a transaction will occur in two working days after when the transaction was made

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