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How does the WeChat ecosystem work for your business?

In China, WeChat plays a significant role in everyone’s life. WeChat as a multi-purpose social platform has more than 1 billion active users. Not only individuals but also merchants and companies use this app to deal with work and promote their products online. The functional WeChat ecosystem will help with your business from the perspectives below.

WeChat Store

In China, social media and e-commerce are combined efficiently. WeChat offers verified stores which can be visited via WeChat official account. Some companies that don’t have an official website can also use WeChat Store as an online sales channel. These online stores display and sales of products, which simplifies the online shopping procedure. As a merchant, you can sell, advertise, promote our products and contact consumers all on this one single platform.

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WeChat Official Account

WeChat official account is a special type of account that WeChat supports. Companies and merchants use the official account to build relationships with consumers actively and timely. Based on its powerful transmission capabilities like picture, text, voice, and video, WeChat official account works as an important marketing method in China.

A smart, efficient and long-term strategy is necessary to promote a business and build its reputation. Both WeChat official accounts allow for messaging, sharing content, advertising, and directing followers to our website. The key to an official account is to develop quality content that is related to companies’ brands and help your business build a nice reputation. High-quality content can drive a lot of traffic to your account by unlimited sharing and clicking in.

WeChat official account is a suitable platform to attract and accumulate the consumers of the company and brand. Loyal consumers would share attractive content with ‘Moment’ which is a private communicating circle sharing and receiving information with close friends. Loyal consumer behaviours will attract more subscribers from their ‘Friend Circle’. Besides, WeChat’s active users are more than 1 billion, which means huge potential consumers exist. WeChat may be the only social platform to enter the Chinese market for overseas merchants. WeChat official account makes it possible to increase your business’s visibility and reputation on China’s mainstream social media, especially for small and medium firms.

Cross-border Payment

Payment cards are almost unheard of back home in China where everyone uses mobile phone apps such as WeChat to pay their bills, send money to friends and pay for all their everyday expenses. For businesses that want to explore their Chinese market, cross-border payments are essential.

Even if your customers are in China mainland, it doesn’t matter if the overseas businesses don’t have a China bank account to collect the payment. GlobePay can help UK merchants add WeChat pay and settle the fund to the merchant’s UK bank account in T+2 working days.

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