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How GlobePay can help your Shopify E-commerce business

As UK merchants, you might have heard about Shopify while browsing the web but are unsure about exactly how it works. Well, we’re here to offer some insight.

Below, we’re going to share what Shopify is, the pros of using Shopify, what Shopify offers, and GlobePay can help your e-commerce business on Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform you can use to build an online store. It allows you to sell both online with your website and/or in person using a point-of-sale app. Moreover, Shopify is easy for everyone to use, from beginner drop shippers to high-growth D2C brands.

You can sign up for a free trial of Shopify to test it out for yourself. During your trial, you are available to build your store, test out free Shopify apps and make online sales.

How does Shopify work?

Shopify works by unifying your online and retail sales on a single platform. With Shopify, you can bridge functions like inventory, marketing, payments, and shipping. This enables you to streamline your business and integrate any tools you need.

Shopify is cloud-based software, meaning you can access it from any internet-enabled device. Plus, it’s a fully hosted e-commerce solution, which means Shopify merchants do not have to worry about hosting their websites.

Why Shopify? Pros of Shopify e-commerce

Why use Shopify for your e-commerce business? Well, Shopify offers several advantages over other e-commerce platforms. Here are a few:

Detailed Shopify admin

In the back end of your Shopify store, you’ll find a whole range of reports and features that help you understand how your online store is performing.

You can find your best-performing product pages. It is also available to view the number of orders at a glance. Moreover, You can even watch a real-time view of your website visitors to see what stage of the sales funnel they’re in.

Shopify is a comprehensive tool for an online retailer, allowing you to understand your store’s setup in-depth.

Free features

If you’re building a new website, you probably need to pay for a theme (the design/look of your website). But on Shopify online stores, a customizable free theme is loaded by default.

You can modify your free Shopify theme to suit your branding style. You can change the font, modify the colour scheme, add photos, and more. This is why Shopify is ideal for beginners wanting to dive in or play around to see the possibilities. (Of course, Shopify also has premium themes for those looking to add more substance to their design.)

Shopify is on the cloud

Another advantage of Shopify is that your website is on a cloud network instead of a server. Anyone who has ever paid for a server knows they crash at the wrong times, making you lose a lot of money due to downtime.

For example, servers often go down on Black Friday or during big events. If you share a server (which is what most new entrepreneurs can afford), you have to hope that the other websites aren’t as popular.

But cloud hosting reduces the odds of your website being down, allowing you to run your business easily. And the hosting cost is bundled into your subscription, making it one less thing to worry about.

GlobePay helps your e-commerce business on Shopify

GlobePay is the industry’s leading cross-border payment service provider. We hold a payment license certified by the British Financial Regulatory Authority (FCA) and are an official partner of WeChatAlipay, and many banks. We provide professional RMB cross-border services to UK-registered companies.

As the official payment provider in Shopify UK, we are in the ideal position to help your UK e-commerce business to add Alipay, WeChat Pay and other popular Asian wallets.

Building customized payment solutions to connect Western businesses with Chinese customers, we are here to help UK merchants diversify their payment ecosystem.

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