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Using Alipay Discovery Platform to Boost your in-store business

Alipay Discovery Platform enables users to check if merchants accept mobile payments in-store.

Besides, UK is welcoming ever-increasing numbers of Chinese visitors. However, you may be unaware of the very real difficulties they face when finding and paying for goods and services.

Moreover, according to a Nielsen report, as many as 91% of Chinese tourists are more willing to shop and spend money at overseas merchants that accept Chinese mobile payments. 

Therefore, boosting in-store business by using Alipay Discovery Platform is useful!

Location Based Services

Promote your brand with offers to nearby customers. Introduce your business to Chinese customers before or when they arrive near your location. Moreover, customers can be targeted based on location and previous shopping history with Alipay.

Boosting Exposure by Recommended

Customers can conveniently find local merchants and services through nearest storesor recommended

Therefore, as a merchant, you will be able to market to Asian tourists before, during and after their visit boosting the exposure of your business among Asian rapidly expanding overseas visitors.

Business Listing

A listing will often include: photos, video content, a description of your business, contact information and

Therefore, when your store has been put on the Aplipay Discovery Platform merchant list, all Asian customers can see your store information in Alipay APP.

High Customer Conversion

Alipay Discovery has many features to implement your marketing campaign and encourage Chinese customers to visit your business. The most important is the impressive conversion rate.

In addition, according to data published by Alipay, 52% of users who claim coupons on Alipay Discover are converted into purchasing customers.

As the official payment provider with Alipay, GlobePay is available to help our merchants get into Alipay Discovery Platform. We help your UK business stand out in the Asian market by providing convenient payment solutions and marketing services.

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