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Opening a GlobePay Account is free of charge. There are no monthly or annual service fees; the merchant only pays for the services used. The fees for our services are displayed in the merchant account “Configuration – Client Detail – Clearing information”.

The limit for WeChat overseas payments depends on the bank card that is linked to the account. The maximum amount of a single payment is $10,000. For detailed information on your payment limit, please contact GlobePay’s customer service.

The limit for Alipay overseas payments is set individually. Please refer to the limits set by HuaBei and the bank card that is linked. The limit varies depending on the different payment options and the bank card. Please contact GlobePay’s customer service for more detail.

The exchange rate between CNY and GBP refers to the spot exchange rate offered by WeChat Pay and Alipay in a real-time transaction. The online banking currency exchange rate refers to the China CITIC Bank real-time exchange rate. The exchange rate shown on the GlobePay App and merchant management system is only for reference.