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GlobePay APP Navigation

Open the GlobePay App and log in with the service code (4401) when the app was first installed.

The “Home” screen displays three quick access buttons:

  • Collect – allows merchants to collect payments from the customers by scanning customers’ QR code, and generates a digital receipt.
  • Transactions – allows merchants to check daily transactions. The top left corner allows to search for specific transactions filtered by date, channel, gateway, status, pre-authorization, and sub-partner. After clicking on a transaction, the details will be shown. Merchants can generate a refund by clicking on the top left button.
  • QR code – displays merchant code for customers to pay through WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Below these three quick-access buttons, there are four functions:

  1. Transaction report – the line graphs demonstrate the trend of transactions for the specific company during the selected period.
  2. Customer report – displays the number of customers and distinguishes new customers with returning customers. It also shows the transaction amount.
  3. Settlement – displays the gross amount, total charge and net amount of merchants’ daily settlement.
  4. Bill code – generates an aggregated payment code for customers to pay through scanning the code. The payment link can also be shared through email and WeChat.

The “Dashboard” screen enables merchants to view daily transaction data and the real-time exchange rate.

The “Me” screen contains user information and settings. Here merchants can check transaction fee rate, change the password, displayed language, notification settings, etc. For more information, please refer the below document:

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