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WeChat Advertisement

WeChat advertising is a program by Tencent, enabling companies to display promotional messages on their users’ timeline or at the bottom of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat ads enable brands to build their number of WeChat Official Account followers, drive traffic to their website and increase app downloads. There are two major types of WeChat advertising:

  • WeChat Moments advertising 
  • WeChat banner advertising  
Brand Activity Promotion
Official Account Promotion
Mobile Application Promotion
WeChat Card Voucher Promotion
Local Marketing Promotion
WeChat Moments Advertising

Friend Update

WeChat Moments or Circle of Friends advertising is a form of native advertising, based on the WeChat ecosystem. The advert is displayed in the user’s Moment in the form of native content, with a look similar to that of a friend’s profile

WeChat Ads

Through the integration of a billion high-quality user traffic levels, Moments advertising provides a unique domestic social marketing platform for advertisers.

WeChat Moments

You can target users according to their location, interests, age, gender, specific device and their phone network. Chinese tourists are defined by their current location data. WeChat advertising is not yet open to overseas residents yet due to legal reasons.

WeChat Banner Advertising

Banner advertising now offers a greater range of options. This includes: Footer Ads, Exchange Ads and Pre-Rolling Video Ads. You can set your ads to be displayed on only one specific type of official account.

Footer Ads

These banners are very much like the ad banners you would see on a website, but with some key differences. In WeChat, they will be featured at the bottom of a message from a WeChat Official Account. The action call takes users to another landing page. The developments made to banner advertising on WeChat have been an exciting process to witness. The benefit of banners is that they target users who are already engaging with relevant content on WeChat

Footer and Exchange ads, for example, can be placed at the bottom of targeted articles about the specific topic, so you know there is already a degree of active engagement with these relevant topics from the users.

*Advertisers cannot control on which specific account their ads appear.

Exchange Ads

Exchange ads are similar to footer ads. The major difference is that exchange ads can be presented in a larger card format with a call-to-action button.

Pre-roll Ads in video

WeChat also allows advertisers to place a pre-roll ad that lasts no longer than 15 seconds before a video* in a WeChat article. The ad will show up when the video is played using a Wi-Fi connection. There’s also a “Learn more” button in the bottom right corner that takes users to another landing page* for further information.

*The video must be longer than 5 minutes. Footer and exchange ads, for example, can be placed at the bottom of targeted articles about that specific topic, so you know there is already a degree of active engagement with the relevant topics from the users.

*Advertisers can’t control on which specific account their ads appear.

Our Offer

As an overseas official partner of WeChat, GlobePay provides personalised professional advertising designs for enterprises.

According to the business needs of the company, GlobePay accurately selects the target audience for advertising.

GlobePay provides detailed ad browsing analysis reports. More than 40 indicators can be viewed, including: cost, exposure, clicks, interaction, conversion, dissemination and many more.


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What are WeChat Official Accounts?

WeChat Official Accounts are the WeChat equivalent of a Facebook page. They are an interface a brand can use to:

  • gather followers
  • send them push notifications
  • redirect them to a website / e-commerce

What is target audience setting?

Target audience can be targeted as age, gender, region, education level, and also the keywords they are interested in. These keywords are generated based on the user’s URL browsing, APP installation or ad click behavior. You could set some keywords and the ads will be pushed to people who match those interests. You can add as many keywords as possible to fully cover your target audience. The maximum number of keywords is 2000.

Cost Details

For “Moment” ad, not all exposures will be charged, the fee will be charged when the ad exposure to audience and stay for more than one second. In addition, the fee will be charged if users like or comment the ad. Charges vary slightly depending on the city being placed. Generally, the maximum price is 0.15 CNY per click, and the minimum is 0.05 CNY. And our sincere advice is best to spend more than £5000 to your advertising account, to achieve a satisfactory marketing effect.

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