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WeChat Official Business Account

What is an International WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Official Accounts are the equivalent of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combines. Overseas companies are currently restricted to Service Accounts, which means you must verify your business annually. They are multi-functional platform for merchants to manage and develop their business. Your Official Account will appear in your followers’ contacts list, optimising customer service capabilties. They are easy to find and have additional features like WeChat Pay (to purchase in-app) and geo-location features. The only restriction with a WeChat service account is that you can only post 4 group messages per month.


Official accounts can send direct messages and content to followers


Based on specific key words, users will receive regular updates from official accounts


Businesses can messages within 48 hours to a customer enquiry on WeChat


Create your own menu that shows information specific to your business


Developers can use this API to convert a long URL into a short URL. This is suitable for business requirements.


WeChat Pay has quick pay functionality, QR code payment, in-app payment options and others to suit a variety of payment requirements

Advantages of an Overseas Official Account

  • No third party operations required

  • No domestic enterprise registration information required

  • Certification of foreign registered companies

  • Businesses can build their own accounts with custom functions

  • Personalise your customer’s WeChat experience

  • Receive payments through your WeChat account

Ways to find your official account
WeChat Moments

The most common way of acquiring new followers on WeChat is through WeChat Moments. When users click on your article, they can access your account page by clicking the name of your account at the top of the article.


WeChat ads include a feature called ‘One click follow’. This is a that enables users to follow a WeChat Official Account. This is a powerful way to get initial traction with Cost Per Click advertising.

Shared Name Card

You can share the name card of a WeChat Official Account with a friend to allow them to follow it. The name card can be shared directly with a specific friend, or to a group. It cannot, however, be shared on your timeline.


WeChat contains a search tool for Official Accounts. users can search your company name or brand to follow your official account.

Offline Payment

After a user completes an offline payment with WeChat Payment, you can invite them to follow your WeChat Official Account.

Scan QR Code

WeChat users can scan a QR code on web pages or articles using WeChat. They can even do this offline by using WeChat’s embedded QR code scanner.


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What are WeChat Official Accounts?

WeChat Official Accountants are the WeChat equivalent of a Facebook page. They are an interface a brand can use to:

  • gather followers
  • send personalised notifications
  • redirect customers to a website / e-commerce platform

Why Do I Need a WeChat Official Account?

To enter the Chinese market and achieve real results, a WeChat Official Account is a 100% necessary. China does not have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To even get in front of Chinese consumers, you have to develop a presence on WeChat.

How Does WeChat Pay Work?

Overseas merchants open official WeChat service account and sell goods on it. When customer choose to pay with WeChat Pay, foreign foods are shown in RMB pricing. Customers then confirm the payment from their WeChat Pay e-wallet.

What We Offer?

We work directly with the WeChat team, sp there is no 3rd party agency involved. The WeChat Official Account will 100% belong to your business.

Apply for a WeChat account with us and we will provide consulting on costs and timeline guidance.

We will assist you every step of the way and help you establish a presence on China’s top social media platform.

Reach out to us

Ask us whether your business would benefit from a WeChat Official Account. Our team has years of experience and work with WeChat staff directly to offer accurate information to our community.

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