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WeChat and Your Business

WeChat, you may be addicted to it or you may have never heard of it before. Imagine if Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp merge together and became one app. This is exactly what WeChat is, making it the holy grail of social media app in China. As of Q2 2019, WeChat has 1.1 billion users, with an estimated 90% market penetration by 2021, 91% of consumers based in China. With such a vast reach and a virtually untapped consumer-based, are there ways in which you could leverage this platform to expand your customer reach and enhance your brand awareness? The answer is yes and below are just some features that enable you to maximise your business exposure. 

WeChat Official Account

The WeChat Official Account provides you with a platform to interact with your customers and followers. Much like a Facebook or Instagram business page, a verified WeChat account helps in a myriad of ways such as increasing brand awareness, generating high conversion rates and improving customer satisfaction. A vast majority of global brands such as Starbucks, Chanel, Burberry have WeChat Official Accounts to maintain brand presence and manage communications with Chinese consumers.

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WeChat Service Account

For any business with a digital store or wanting to enter the online shopping arena within the China market, having a WeChat Service Account is a necessity. The WeChat Service Account is similar to the WeChat Official Account with the only difference being that WeChat Service Account allows for payment function. The WeChat Service Account can be accessed by users in their “chat” section of WeChat. WeChat Service Account allows for customers to make purchases verified within WeChat itself as opposed to WeChat Official Account that provides a link to an external website for any purchases. Besides the payment function, some added benefits of WeChat Service Account include a more robust and customisable menu function and layout and a pop-up function to boost click-through rates.

, WeChat and Your Business, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay

WeChat Mini Program

Mini programs are essentially an app within the WeChat app. When Tencent, the owner of WeChat release more APIs for developers, it allowed mini programs to function akin to a standard smartphone application. Mini programs allow for a multitude of features such as the nearby mini program function that enables WeChat users to find participating merchants within five kilometers. There are numerous advantages for businesses, for instance, Mini program’s ability to integrate images, video, geolocation, QR etc providing all the functionality of a larger app without the hustle of developing one. As mini programs are based in WeChat, there is no need for additional downloading and installation. For a deeper understanding of WeChat Mini Program, have a little read about it here

, WeChat and Your Business, Globepay Limited | Alipay | WeChat Pay

To get a better idea of how this program can be tailored to your business, GlobePay helps their customers with not only providing payment solution but also establishing promotional channels within WeChat to maximise the brand awareness as well as click-through rate.

Speak to us and find out ways we can help develop a bespoke marketing strategy within the Mini Program for you. 

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