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Merchants Must-have Marketing Tool— Alipay Mini Program

  1. What is Alipay Mini Program
    Alipay Mini Program is a brand-new function, a minimalist service tool launched by Ant Financial. It runs on the Alipay platform and embedding a lot of applications into it. It provides users with an “online app” that can use various services without downloading. The Mini Program can be regarded as a simplified version but has the core functions of the APP.
  2. How to use Alipay Mini Program

Users can search and use Mini Program within the Alipay APP, they can be found on the top bar of ‘ Friends ’. When the users want to make payment for goods or services, they can directly place the order via Alipay without download and open another APP. The payment processes and user experiences of Mini Program and APP are the same, and Mini Program supports the coupons and various kinds of merchant discounts.

The user payment process within Mini Program is as follows:

  1. The user selects the products or services in the Mini Program, then proceed to check out.
  2. The user confirms the payment methods and the amount, then clicks the ‘Pay Now’ button.
  3. After entering the correct payment password, the payment will be successful.
  1. What are the advantages of Alipay Mini Program?

For users, Alipay Mini Programs has provided various kinds of services that can cover almost every aspect of daily life, including food delivery, games, housekeeping booking, parcel tracking, recycle, etc. Alipay Mini Program focuses on businesses and provides users with a variety of products and convenient services, as well as smooth payment experience, financial-level security risk control, all these features indicate that the Alipay Mini Program will be a merchant must-have marketing tools in the future.

For merchants, Alipay has more than 900 million users worldwide, tens of millions of cooperative merchants, and deliver safe and reliable services. It is not only very convenient but also has a simple development environment, what’s more, it is more affordable for small and middle businesses to develop their Mini Program, compared with mobile APP.

In the future, using Alipay Mini Program as a tool, developers and merchants can quickly access Ali’s comprehensive business ecosystem, reduce the threshold for users, improve transaction conversion, and achieve online and offline integration of commercial closed loops. For example, the shared power bank company “Street Power” opened their Alipay Mini Program, the introduction of the Zhima Credit leads the transaction increased by 600%, and gained 50 million users in one year. Thus, service upgrading is the most significant business opportunity in the next 20 years.

4.How to register Alipay Mini Program

People who have been cooperating with Globepay for a long time will know that Globepay is the official partner of WeChat, Alipay, and UnionPay in the UK, what’s more, it is far ahead in the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Globepay’s professional technical team has delivered many successful cases of the Alipay Mini Program. So if you want to register and develop Alipay Mini Program, build a mini e-store and active cross-border payment, choosing Globepay won’t let you down. You can contact us by email and discuss it with us on the application and developing process.

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