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Alipay and WeChat Pay for WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart

Alipay and WeChat Pay Plugin for UK Merchants on WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart

GlobePay, a digital cross-border payments provider, has made Alipay and WeChat Pay available to UK merchants on WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart. Therefore, setting up China-friendly payment methods on your e-commerce website is essential given the size of China’s consumer base. 

Moreover, GlobePay’s plugins are perfect for UK merchants entering the Chinese market for the first time. Simply integrate the plugin into your e-commerce site and boost your attractiveness to Chinese consumers, who wish to pay with familiar Chinese payment methods.

To use GlobePay’s plugins and enable Alipay and WeChat Pay on your e-commerce website, UK companies must first contact us and submit an application for our cross-border payment services. Furthermore, the onboarding process only takes several days. GlobePay offers 24/7 technical support to potential and existing partners to help our clients expand into the Chinese market worry-free.

What are Alipay and WeChat Pay?

Alipay is the most popular e-wallet in Asia and facilitates millions of payments every day in China. With Alipay, users can make transactions in seconds to buy food, clothing or pay rent. Moreover, there are multiple online and offline Alipay payment methods, e.g. quick pay, QR code scan and online API for checkout.

WeChat Pay is the second most popular e-wallet in China. Since WeChat is China’s most popular social media platform, WeChat Pay users range from all walks of life. Moreover, the most common uses for WeChat Pay are booking a hotel, and paying for transport and restaurants.

92% of the urban Chinese population use a combination of these e-wallets for daily transactions. Therefore, to cover your store with a majority of Chinese customers, integrating both is the key step to gaining a loyal customer base.

How to set up Alipay and WeChat Pay Plugin

  1. You will need to make an application with GlobePay. Click here for a free consultation or apply now.
  2. Once you have made an application, then you will need to provide the required documents via GlobePay merchant back end.
  3. After successful application, then head back to GlobePay’s website homepage.
  4. Scroll up and then click “Plugins” on the website menu.
  5. Click on your e-commerce platform (WooCommerce, Magento or OpenCart).
  6. Then in Github, you have access to our plugin which can take up to a day to implement.
  7. Voila! Over a billion Chinese customers now have access to your e-commerce store and can pay for products online.




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For more information on Alipay and WeChat Pay in the UK, please contact us via email ( Please click  here to apply now for Chinese cross-border payments.

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