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UnionPay in UK: why do we recommend it for your business?

What is UnionPay online payment?

UnionPay online payment is UnionPay’s online transfer and settlement platform, which meet the need of all parties. Moreover, it is also China’s first integrated and comprehensive online payment platform with financial-level pre-authorised secured transaction functions that fully supports all types of UnionPay cards.

Services that UnionPay offers

“UnionPay online payment”, as an integrated payment tool, covers a variety of payment methods, such as quick payment, debit card payment, online banking payment, etc. what’s more, it is widely used in many scenarios, such as shopping payment, business travel service, enterprise collection and so on.

Why UnionPay can work efficiently in business

Simple and flexible quick payment mode. Therefore, no need to register for online banking, accelerate the transaction process, and improve user experience.

Safe and Reliable
Multiple security technology guarantees, real-time risk monitoring, and fully guaranteed payment security. However, unlike other transactions, which transfer money to the third-party account in advance, “UnionPay online payment” financial pre-authorisation guarantee transaction is to freeze transaction funds in the cardholder’s bank account, to avoid interest loss and fund misappropriation risk, and to maximise the rights and benefits of banks, merchants and cardholders.

More than 28 million overseas merchants have applied for UnionPay cards. In the Asia Pacific region, the overall coverage of the UnionPay card is 90%. Furthermore, in Europe, 90% of countries and regions have supported the UnionPay card. Therefore, tourists can pay by UnionPay cards in the most of stores in the United States and Australia. Besides, the coverage rate of African UnionPay cards has exceeded 80%, and Russia will achieve full coverage within this year.

What support UnionPay so powerful?

Strong partners
To have more users, UnionPay has dedicated to increasing its official co-operators’ number. For instance, in 2018, UnionPay signed an agreement with the bank card group Commercial Bank (CB), which is responsible for managing the French bank card payment system. What’s more, in June 2019, UnionPay signed an agreement with a UK start-up to allow financial institutions, banks, and fintech to issue UnionPay-certified payment cards. Powerful partners ensure the cardholder’s interest. Based on that, UnionPay’s online payment makes it easier for oversea companies to operate between local banks and Chinese banks.

Occupy and explore the new payment method
In December 2015, China UnionPay signed a payment cooperation agreement with Apple and Samsung. Following up with that, in February of the next year, UnionPay took the opportunity of Apple Pay’s entry into China to occupy the new mobile payment market. So far, China UnionPay has carried out payment cooperation with Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other major mobile phone companies. UnionPay aims at a new mobile payment method and tries to attract more users by signing agreements with different brands. 

Wide range of uses and almost covering all currencies
UnionPay’s traditional services include ATM withdrawal, POS consumption, online payment, transfer, overseas tax refund service, merchant preference, tax payment bill, etc. These services cannot be covered by all third-party payment companies. When it comes to overseas consumption, UnionPay can support almost all kinds of currency settlement.

GlobePay support UnionPay payment for UK merchants

We are here to help UK merchants to integrate Unionpay, this powerful payment solution, into their payment ecosystem. By working with us, you can diversify the money-receiving methods for your business to an international level.

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