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WeChat Mini Programs for UK Businesses

WeChat Mini Program in the UK

Introduction to WeChat Mini-Programs

Launched in 2017, WeChat Mini Programs have risen to mainstream popularity in China. Mini programs are “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. They offer a bite-size version of a businesses’ selection of products and services. Users can find basic business information, research products, make purchases in-app and follow accounts for updates.

Case Study: Burberry

Mini Program Homepage – click to browse products

Find nearest store and contact information

Individual product page


Case Study: Vita Student

Homepage – scroll down for information

List of apartments, basic details including pricing and availability




Similar accommodation

Why are Mini Programs so popular?

  1. WeChat is China’s most used social media platform, with over a billion daily active users.
  2. Users can conveniently complete their customer journey cycle within Mini Programs and subscribe for updates.
  3. Users save storage space on their mobile because they don’t have to install separate apps for different shops and services they use.
  4. You can quickly access Mini Programs from WeChat with one swipe.

Key statistics:

  • In 2019, WeChat Mini Programs generated over 90 billion pounds, with daily transaction doubling year on year.
  • By 2019, there were over a million active Mini Programs.
  • Mini Programs have over 750 million monthly active users.

Does your business need a Mini Program?

In short: it depends. For UK businesses with a large Chinese customer base, a Mini Program is essential. Therefore, if the majority of Chinese consumers are using WeChat but you try and connect through Facebook, you’re bound to fail.

Ultimately, to run a business you must commit to learning the newest trends and technologies. Firstly, You need to adapt to new markets and ways of life. The pandemic has only consolidated this theory. For example, the value in contactless and online transactions has compounded in recent months.

Be honest: for your last holiday did you research and book online? When you last bought an item of clothing, did you type it into Google first to see some options? If you answered yes, you’re part of the increasing majority of users who rely on the internet for information on services and goods.

China’s economy has been developing at a steady rate in recent decades. A McKinsey & Company report shows that the percentage of urban middle-class households has increased from 6.6% in 2010 to 45.7% in 2018. As a result, more disposable income means more spending on foreign goods and services.

GlobePay helping your UK Mini Program integrate WeChat Pay

As the official payment provider of WeChat Pay, we help your WeChat Mini Program integrate with WeChat Pay. Therefore, your customers can pay in their local currency and we will settle GBP in your business bank account.

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