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Pay By Link-Get Paid Faster

Pay By Link is a potent function in the GlobePay merchant portal. It is an online payment method through the user’s mobile device. Simply put, GlobePay merchant sends a payment link to their customers, and customers click it on their phones to make the payment.

A few common situations where using Pay By link could facilitate customer transactions:
  • You don’t have a website.
    Or at least you don’t have a website that supports e-commerce. In this case, Pay by Link is a simple, reliable solution for businesses. If you need to process a payment online but don’t have a website that supports payments.
  • You do a lot of SMS marketing.
    Pay By Link is an ideal tool for text message outreach to customers. If you have a robust SMS marketing list, therefore that’s a meaningful sales channel for your business, payment links are a no-brainer.
  • You have multiple customer segments.
    If you have distinct audience segments for your business, and you tend to use targeted messaging for each of them, Pay By Link will allow you to create tailored payment pages that are optimized for each bucket of customers.
  • Your sales move fast.
    You have timely product drops, and anticipated restocks, and your sales move fast. Pay By Link allows you to capitalize on the urgency and scarcity of these in-demand products by offering customers a way to take action quickly.

GlobePay Pay By Links is only available to create with a GlobePay account, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to register first. Once you register with GlobePay and upload all the required compliance files, we will start the compliance check and help you activate your account.

After you log in to GlobePay Merchant Portal:

  • Under Products & Sales menu, click Payment Request (For Alipay/WeChat Pay)

  • Fill out the information for payment links, then click Generate

  • Pay By Link was generated successfully. Sharing it by clicking Copy payment request link

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