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Sparking Global Education through Fluid Payment Gateway

Collecting tuition fees from international students can be a time-consuming and complicated issue for any educational institution all over the world.

However, GlobePay’s innovative cross-border education payment platform is available to solve this issue by assisting educational institutions in receiving
quick payments from their international students. Accordingly, international students utilize our platform for easy payment of
their tuition, accommodation, and other school-related expenses.

Education and PBSA specialised payment gateway
For Educational Institutions and Student living providers

Our one-stop, online collection services help educational institutions, online learning organizations, and student accommodation providers to receive payments for tuition, accommodation, and a variety of other school-related expenses from international students. Therefore, by using our payment gateway and smart management portal, partner institutions can effectively manage the risks of exchange and increase the efficiency of payments.

And the diagram above shows the payment process for the ducation and PBSA payment gateway from GlobePay.

5 Benefits for this specialised payment gateway

1. Smart Merchant Portal

First thing to mention is a smart merchant portal will be provided to  automatically manage reconciliation and monitor transactions in real-time.

2. Customer Service Support

Moverover, 24/7 Customer Service Support is provided by our bilingual customer service team, to help you solve any issues in the payment process.

3. Tailor-made Payment Process.

Furthermore, GlobePay supports tailor-made payment processes to meet the different needs of our partners.

4. Smart Compliance Programme

In addition, We have smart compliance documents programme to meet foreign currency control.

5. Fast Settlement and Easy Integration

Last but not least:

  • Fastest T+3 settlement
  • Besides, easy system integration using powerful API from GlobePay. We have Tech team by our side to support our partners.
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In conclusion, GlobePay payment gateway for education institutions and student living providers is

  • Firstly, easy to integrate and accept international students.
  • Secondly, a high-security payment solution and ideal for collecting large sums of money.
  • Thirdly, less likely to be influenced by strict foreign currency control.
  • Lastly, lower cost compared with international Visa and MasterCard.
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