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Connectivity (Wifi, 4g and bluetooth)

The GlobePay devices can be connected via a 4G (SIM card), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection.

4G (SIM card)

All devices come equipped with a built-in DATA Card for 4G connectivity. It allows merchants to use their GlobePay Device everywhere in the UK. Remove the battery cover, the SIM card slot is on the left of the machine. To prevent system errors, please make sure the device is turned off when you insert or remove the SIM card.


Connecting GlobePay devices using Bluetooth is only available for Android devices. Open “Settings – Bluetooth”, click on “On/Off” button, and choose from the available devices and it will launch a communication service.

Wi-Fi or personal hotspot

Turn Wi-Fi off in areas where Wi-Fi use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger, such as in airplanes while flying.

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