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Warranty, Return Policy & Stolen Device


GlobePay device is not covered by Consumer law, including EC Directives on Consumer Protection and Distance selling Directives. This product is not designated to consumers, meaning any natural person who is acting for purposes, which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession. This product is characterising as financial services and is designated only for the purpose of accepting payments for services or goods offered by natural or legal persons with a legal business activity, acting as professionals, sole traders, traders, merchants, self-employed or otherwise selling goods or services.


  • The warranty period for the GlobePay devices is one year from the date of purchase
  • The warranty does not cover any cables, accessories, plugs, or power supply units, or other items, different from the GlobePay Devices in the GlobePay Package.

Return Policy | Replacement of a GlobePay Package with defect

  • Client (also called merchant) may return the GlobePay device, within one year of the original order date of the GlobePay Package by the client and upon completion of the conditions outlined in the Return Policy.
  • Clients should not open the GlobePay device or attempt to repair the defect. This will be deemed as a defect caused by the client and GlobePay will not comply with its obligations under the Return Policy.
  • Some GlobePay Distributors may provide post-sale customer support and may be able to take back the defect GlobePay device. In case the device was purchased through a GlobePay Distributor or an Agent, please contact them to enquire about their Return Policy.


The merchant should not dispose of GlobePay devices, including the battery, cables or other components with the general household waste. If the GlobePay device is not functioning, please send it for repair in line with the GlobePay Return policy available at www.GlobePay.eu/legal/return_policy

For detailed information about Repair-RMA (Return Material Authorization) process, please contact the customer service team.

Stolen Device

From its activation date onwards the GlobePay Device is permanently linked to merchant’s GlobePay account. Even if the device is stolen or lost, any payment transaction made will be credited to the same merchant account.

If the device is lost or stolen, please disable it straight away and inform the GlobePay Customer Service immediately. To disable the device, log in your merchant account, click on “Configuration – Device” from the menu at the top, find the device from the list on the left-hand side, click on the red button “Disable Device” then the device will be disabled.

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