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About GlobePay

GlobePay Limited is an RMB cross-border payment solution provider in the UK with headquarters in London. GlobePay is a leading independent third-party payment service provider. With an understanding of the business problems faced by Chinese and British merchants in the UK and the needs of Chinese consumers, GlobePay aims to solve the issues of overseas payment and cross-border payment for Chinese consumers. Its main business covers two major areas: payment services and financial technology services.

We have diverse and complementary sales channels, including 180 ISO, ten well-known SaaS providers and a professional direct sales team with up to 60 members. GlobePay has years of experience in the mobile payment market and is committed to developing and promoting RMB cross-border payment services. Building upon strong connection with Tencent and Alibaba, GlobePay is the official partner of both WeChat Pay and Alipay, the two most popular mobile payment solution providers in China (together owns more than 90% of Chinese mobile payment market), in the UK and EU, providing comprehensive mobile payment for UK and EU merchants.

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