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Top 3 Chinese Payment Gateways For Your Website

Since the inception of the internet, the rise of e-commerce was inevitable. Therefore, small businesses can compound into multi-million-pound companies by making their own website.

However, going global with the internet is key to success. Importantly, British businesses must use compatible payment gateways, so 1.3 billion Chinese customers can pay for products and services online.

Questions to consider before choosing a payment gateway:
  • Which devices will my customers use to make a purchase?
  • Do I want customers to make payments on my site checkout or through a privately sent QR Code?
  • Do I want a payment gateway and a digital marketing channel?
  • Does my target customer use the payment gateway?
  • What are the transaction fees for the payment gateway?

To sum up, choosing the right payment gateway for your website depends on your customer journey. Therefore, researching and taking your time to come up with a payment-receiving strategy is crucial.

Top 3 Chinese Payment Gateways


Firstly, Jack Ma and the Ant Group (formerly Ant Financial) built up Alipay in 2004. It is one of the most common Chinese payment gateways. Chinese Alibaba e-shoppers trust Alipay because of its escrow service. With Alipay, Chinese customers can payments through their mobile browser and computer browser.

WeChat Pay

Secondly, WeChat Pay is a digital e-wallet. It is available for WeChat users (China’s most popular social media platform).

Moreover, Tencent Holdings is the company behind WeChat Pay.

Furthermore, as part of the WeChat digital ecosystem: users can pay rent, buy movie tickets, shop online and even book doctors’ appointments through the Super-App. With WeChat Pay, customers can make purchases through a PC browser (with their smartphone) and in the WeChat App.

China UnionPay

Last but not least, China UnionPay (or UnionPay) is a veteran of the Chinese online payment systems. Founded in 2000, it is China’s largest provider of debit and credit bank card schemes. Importantly, UnionPay can now be used in 164, out of 195, countries. With UnionPay, customers can pay in their computer browser.

Congratulations! You now have insider knowledge on Chinese payment gateways! Use your knowledge to understand this example customer journey:

I am the CEO of a British company that specialises in luxury cashmere scarves, hats and gloves. My target demographic is women of all ages interested in luxury clothing.

Recently, I’ve noticed a rise in Chinese followers and comments on social media. My online store does not have a Chinese payment gateway at the checkout. However, I want to start accepting Chinese online payments from these customers. 

  1. I install an API onto my computer browser website checkout. Customers who find my store through organic SEO can make a purchase with Alipay, WeChat Pay or Union Pay.
  2. I attract new customers to my online store with a WeChat Official Account. I produce Mandarin blog posts that detail the quality of my products and ways to style my accessories. Customers make purchases instantly through WeChat with WeChat Pay.
To make this success story a reality, GlobePay offers UK companies Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay gateways.
Moreover, GlobePay provides companies with digital marketing channels: WeChat Mini-programs and Alipay Discovery.
If you’re interested in learning more please contact us.
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